Welcome to our website, here you'll find pictures, video and maybe some helpful information on what are a few of the quickest and most mental Minis in the country. The Minis featured are genuine cars used by real enthusiasts. There'll be no show cars on here! If I haven't seen it in action on the track/drag strip/muddy field or whatever then its not gonna get featured. Click on the pictures to enlarge them and don't forget to sign the guestbook!

Site History

05th Jan First upload and trial run
20th Jan Mini Gallery Added
27th March First upload of video
11th April Text colour changed. New Picture galleries added.
01st May New 'work in progress' page on the clubman front conversion.
04th June Thistle Run 2002 Picture Galleries added
11th June More Details on the Clubman front conversion.
18th June Update on Chris's Sprite
18th June Pictures of AMT Frame Kit added
04th Sept First pics of the Clubman Estate
05th Sept More updates on the Clubman front conversion.
05th Sept Two new pages of 'Just Minis' in the Gallery
12th Sept National Day at Stanford Hall added to the Gallery
20th Nov 'AMT Cars' Gallery added.
15/01/2003 'Autosport Show' Gallery added. Evo 2.5 of the Red Hot's Vauxhall conversion, minor revisions to older pages. New Trackday page. Major graphical revisions
24/01/2003 New additions to the AMT Gallery
08/04/2003 2 Litre 16V Rover Engined Autograsser..
27/04/2003 New Picture Gallery. Minis V Beetles @ York 2003
Fresh Version of the Top Speed Video
04/05/03 Video Clips from the York Minis v Beetles Day.
23/08/03 Mini In The Park 2003 Gallery added
30/10/03 New Videos
09/12/03 Grizedale Forest Stages Gallery and Video Clips
14/12/03 Additions to the AMT Gallery
14/12/03 Update on the 16V.
14/11/04 2004 Galleries added.
01/08/05 Mini Showdown Gallery added.
  Showdown video uploaded
  Re-vamped video page
09/08/05 Update to the 16V Trackbuild page

Coming next, more incar footage,, more detailed photos on how things fit. More graphic 'tweeks'.

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