'Shedspeed Racing '

Looks can be deceptive and this is true here. Originally a simple Mini City which had been written off in a fairly heavy front end smash, this Mini has been turned into a purpose built Autograss Racer and part time Drag Racer.

Kevs mini

The heart of the car used to be a 2 Litre turbo engine from a Montego. Kev had modified the standard Mini front subframe using box section steel and had managed to squeeze it under a standard Clubman steel front. This engine was powerful but suffered from too much turbo lag for the short Autograss circuits, another option was sought and after the proposed Lancia Twin Cam engine got crushed by mistake! Kev found the Rover 2 Litre 16V motor in the same scrapyard. It came as a complete unit with full injection system and loom for less than a 100 quid! Many late nights were spent altering the frame to fit the new motor, all framework in front of the engine has been removed and suspension geometry has been looked at too. The result of all the hard work was apparent in its first race as Kev came a close second, being passed on the last corner after running wide due to lack of brakes, caused by air in the system. His second race however ended prematurely when battling for the lead, a 'racing incident' led to a snapped ball joint pin and bent coilover, game over for the day.

The interior is sripped for racing and a home made cage provides safety. As with most things Kev makes its probably over engineered and weighs a ton but as a safety critical item you can't complain.

Along with most Autograss cars the rear subframe (and floor) has gone and is replaced with a purpose built A-frame using Coil-over suspension.

Despite being heavy for Drag Racing as a result of the strength needed to survive the punishing Autograss courses, its no slouch. During 2001(with the turbo) Kev's best time at York Raceway was 14.194 seconds for the 1/4 mile at 96.55mph. As ever at York cold temperatures hindered traction, but it was still quickest overall car at the Mini v Beetle shootout, beating a proper drag race beetle that had more money spent on its engine than Kev has spent on the whole car!

Drag Race Pic

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