'The Racer'

Originally a successful sprint and hillclimb Mini, this Mini had sat unused and dismantled for a few years when we bought it. The shell had been stripped down, the bulkhead had been chopped ready for a bulkhead box and the rear pockets had started to be cut out. The engine was complete though and had been rebuilt after x-raying had shown a crack in the gearbox casign. There were some wheels and tyres with it plus the suspension arms etc.

Racer cage

The first thing we did was finish off the interior, lots of unused brackets had been half cut off and the floor was full of holes where various things had been fastened through. So far we've got a multipoint FIA cage in and refitted the engine, clutch, steering etc so it can be moved easier. We also have fibreglass doors and a Curley carbon dash ready to fit. At the back we fitted a 'beam' and coil-over suspension, the rear floor has been cut out and a Curley carbon floor fitted. Basically it's a work in progress that has to take second place to our other Minis. We've got most of the bits, it just needs finishing!

Racer Engine

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