AMT 16V Conversion. Frame and Bodywork

So I dedided there and then to get one of these frames and fit it instead. By using the Vauxhall Engine and gearbox I had a 150bhp engine as standard and a five speed gearbox. The only downside was the initial cost of a grand for the subframe kit!

While the frame was being built I managed to source an engine locally, and gather up some of the bits I knew I would need. I also ordered the extended nose front end from ABS Minis.

cutting off frontWhen the frame came I cut off all the bodywork from the A-panels forward and removed the existing front subframe as well as the brake and clutch master cylinders. The frame mounts to the body using the existing tower mounts, plus a brace bar either side (just like a normal flip front) and two legs which fasten through the floor/bulkhead join. The top suspension arms and engine mounts supplied in the kit were fitted along with new rose-jointed tie-rods and the original hubs were put back on so in the space of an afternoon you have a rolling shell again.

Here are some pics of the AMT frame kit (many thanks to 'WEZG'), they show the frame and bracebars, engine and coilover mounts/ top arms and driveshafts, bags of nuts and bolts, and finally the coilovers with top brackets plus the tie rods and bottom arms.

 AMT frame thumb Frame Brackets thumb Frame Brackets thumb Frame Coilovers thumb

The next job was fitting the new front end, never having fitted a flip front before it was a bit scary, and after a few hiccups it was on. Now I could concentrate on Fibreglass Front Fittingfitting all the lights, electrics to make the engine run and all the associated pipework, brackets etc. This of course is the time consuming part, trying to get everything to fit neatly and make any future work as easy as possible.

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