Having gone to all the trouble of building a fast car there seems little point in not using the performance you can now enjoy. As a result the most popular legal way to enjoy your driving is now at one of the many trackdays taking place during the year. These are held at racing circuits all over the country during gaps in the racing calendar, often during the week and on saturdays. As well as the popular circuits, disused Airfields, many dating from World War Two are used. A simple circuit is marked out using small cones and the fun begins! Such 'Airfield' days are ideal for the beginner as a momentary loss of control results in nothing more than a harmless spin, it's an ideal way to find the limits to your car before you venture onto the 'proper' circuits.

There are loads of different companies who offer the trackday experience, the major differences being the cost! Have a look at the links page for some websites. The ones we've used and recommend are Bookatrack and Javelin Motorsport. Below are some pics of us at Elvington Airfield, near York.

Elvington2 Elvington6a


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