AMT 16V Conversion. The Next stage - New Bodywork.

The first job was to remove the old fibreglass front and all the engine ancillaries which I knew straight away would have to be re-located. The meant the alternator and brackets, radiator, oil cooler, air horns, front end brackets and all the wiring had to be stripped off. Next I had a look at the lower front panel, it was obvious that the old subframe mounting brackets would have to go.

Rad removed thumb Front Panel thumb Front Panel mod thumb

Now the front end would almost fit, it was still catching the front edge of the frame but only really in the centre section, I decided to cut the bottom edge of the panel and pull it out to give clearance. Once that was done I clamped the front in place at the A-Panels and had a look to see what room I had for the alternator and new radiator.

 Front Panel mod 2 thumb  Alternator gap1 thumb  Alternator gap2 thumb  rad gap thumb

Err... Bugger all was the answer!!!!!

The alternator I got was a Toyota one, it came off a Corolla 12Valve, there was two in the scrappy E and G Reg. It cost 15 quid and I took the little hanging bracket off the block as well, the electrical connection is a fair bit different to the Mini one but shouldn't take too much wiring up I hope!...The pulley is the ribbed belt type so I might have to fit an Ecotech bottom pulley to get it to all match up. I'll just see what happens. At least it fits in the gap nicely. At the Stoneleigh Mini Show I bought a set of sidelights/indicators to fit, I think they're originally fitted to Elf's, but who cares? The normal holes have been modified to allow fitment and I think they'll look ok. Another job completed was remounting of the oil cooler, its now on top of the alloy bar at the front of the frame, just to the right of the exhaust manifold, it means that the pipes will have to go round behind the block but I prefer that to getting them too close to the exhaust.

Alternators thumb Clubman front thumb

June 2002

The front is nearly done, the panel has been cut out to give clearance for a radiator, all the wiring is in place. The airhorns have found a home and the fan has been wired in. The oil cooler pipes pass in front of the manifold but are wrapped in heat protective material, the alternator is on and just needs the wires connecting up. The front fixing brackets are done and hold the front by the two bolts you can see in the picture below, the lower valence is perhaps a bit further out than is absolutely needed but I can't be arsed to change the brackets!. I've got a fibreglass bonnet coming (eventually) so until that arrives I can't complete the fixing plates for its pins. The biggest job left is the finishing of the wing fixings. I've made a pair of brackets that come off the brace bars and 'pull in' the top edge of the wings and the Dzus fasteners will be welded to the wings. The idea is to have a very strong front end but still have it removable for major work.

fitted front Clubman front space

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