AMT 16V Conversion. The Next Stage. Evolution Two.

Now that the Red Hot is not in daily use I can look towards Evolution 2. The ABS front has come off and been replaced by a conventional removable steel front, but this time it's Clubman style. To get it all to fit the radiator needed to be changed and the alternator has been changed to one from a Toyota Corolla . (It's really small) The oil cooler needed re-positioning and the air horns too. Even with changing all these parts the lower front valence needed a fair bit of modification to clear the alloy bar at the bottom of the frame.

 ClubmanOverview ClubmanFront ClubmanView

Inside the car the rear pockets will be cut out and all brake and fuel lines re-run inside. The brake bias valve will be moved from under the dash and the piping around the pedal box tidied up. The gear linkage will be cross-drilled where it meets the linkage on back of the gearbox as it has slipped a few times, meaning you lose 5th gear. A quick shift will be added and the hole where the linkage goes through the bulkhead will be enlarged and boxed in neatly.

The engine has had a re-fresh with new water pump, tensioner pulleys and cambelt, it had done 110,000 miles when I bought it, and is now a bit tired. Whether I buy a complete built engine or rebuild the one I've got I don't know yet. More importantly I need to fit a LSD (need to buy one first!), which will be the biggest improvement. The Exhaust manifold could do with cutting and 'adjusting' as it sits a bit too low and only just scrapes over speed bumps.

If I ever have enough time I'm replacing the rear subframe with an alloy rear beam from Minispares and fitting rear coil-overs and possible a rear anti-roll bar too.

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