All change again!!!

After using the Sprite as it was for some time Chris felt the need for a change again. This time he'd seen the adds in the Mini magazines by Stuart Gurr. His new company, VmaxScart (remember Vmax did my turbo engine kit) were selling a supercharger conversion based on the supercharger from the BMW Cooper S, variations on the same charger are also used on many other new cars and in aftermarket kits.

The kit was advertised as a weekend job and most importantly could be done without taking the engine out, again! After talking to Stuart Chris went ahead and ordered a kit, the third customer at that time. The kit arrived, minus the bits Chris already had and we set to fitting it. Pics are below. Text by Chris :)

The main bit of kit.....Eaton M45 charger and manifolds

The faster car is on the right !


Camera man getting all arty !

Weber , radiator and fan removed. Head taken off and decompession plate fitted. New spark plugs and ARP studs/nuts installed

Now we're talking ! , charger on and bottom pulley also fitted.

Lots of room behind....note boost gauge take off near the bottom of the charger

Looks like a perfect fit, the gold take-off on the right ( pointing downwards ) is for the servo

Thats gotta go....the coil and breather both need to be moved. We made our own breather, that heads to the left, rather than coming straight up.

Inlet manifold and carb in place. The manifold mounts to the end-housing for extra support

A better look at the bottom pulley....note modified timing cover

With the belt on

Getting there, radiator and water hoses on,

All done ! coil re-mounted, water hoses re-routed, rocker cover polished !

The next step is to get it rolling roaded down at Minisport, to see what power it chucks out, it's already obvious it has LOTS of torque, it drove up the hill where we live in 3rd gear at 1500rpm, on a 286 cam!!. Thats just unreal!!

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