1993 Sprite 1380

In the Beginning

When Chris first bought this car it was totally standard as can be seen by the picture below. Over the years the car has changed considerably, starting with the obvious alloys and then progressing to body, interior mods and finally, engine and gearbox changes.

Sprite as boight Sprite now

1380 Super Rocket

The biggest change was the change from the original 1275 motor to a fully built Swiftune engine and box. Previously the 1275 had progressed through the usual changes of K+N Air Filter, LCB Exhaust system, then a MED Road/Rally Head, then roller rockers, after that Chris decided to buy a complete built power unit. This was a great engine producing 125bhp (flywheel) and 100bhp at the wheels. A brief spec is :- fully modded unleaded head with 1.5 ratio rockers, 286 Kent cam, 1380cc, balanced and lightened bottom end on a straight cut, four speed box with twin pin diff. IDA CarbIDA Carb

To start with the carb was a Weber 48IDA which is a huge downdraft thing that sticks up through the bonnet! The sound (or noise, depending on your point of view, was awesome!) As at that time the Mini was his daily driver he eventally changed the carb to a 1 3/4 inch SU, this dropped the power back a touch but had the advantage of a choke for those cold morning starts.This bottom end has been rebuilt and used under the 8 port heads.

8 Port Number 1

8 Port AmalsThe first Arden 8 Port head he bought was an original alloy casting, it had been massively ported and fitted with 39mm inlet valves and 31mm exhaust valves. We put this on to the swiftune bottom end after also installing the special 296 8 Port Camshaft. Unfortunatly it had some faults and needed some alloy welding done to it. When it was fixed the performance was mind blowing. Sadly the compression ratio was something astronomic, so much so that the car couldn't be pushed past compression! In the end this was too much for the rest of the engine and two pistons got a little melted!

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