Injection continued.

The kit Andy came up with consisted of two Jenvey 'short' throttle bodies on the dellorto manifold we already had. A custom loom provided all the electrical connections, spark was by coil pack (same as the Vauxhall), so the dizzy was redundant. A toothed wheel was included with a pickup sensor and the thermostat housing was tapped for a water temp take off. The ECU was again DTA with Andy providing a map to get it running. All the other functions of the Vauxhall loom were there like the launch control, shift light output etc. The one thing this loom had that the Vauxhall didn't was a connection to a lambda sensor. Andy also provided his new throttle linkage (and I had one for the Vauxhall too!). The pictures below show some of the kit, the loom is 'as removed' so it's a bit of a tangled mess.

8 Port Loom jenveys 8 Port Loom

Fitting up of the kit was fairly easy as I'd done one before! The hardest part was fixing the toothed wheel, I figured the best place for it was on the crankshaft pulley. I had to cut out the middle of the wheel so it would sit on the back face of the pulley near the timing cover, to get clearance I had to file down the timing marks on the cover, it didn't need much just a few millimetres. Crank SensorOnce I was happy it wouldn't catch on anything I very carefully welded it to the pulley, it was vital to get it central. As it happens it wasn't 100% perfect but it was near enough that the sensor was able to pick up the teeth properly. All that remained was to make a bracket to hold the sensor as close to the teeth as I dared. Next we had to fit the bonnet....

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